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24 Jan 2020, Fri, 23:07:22 (GMT +8)
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Easy Money With InfiniwinSG Fortune 4D

InfiniwinSG is undeniably one of the best online casinos in Malaysia. Not only that it has casino games with great graphics and interesting gameplay, InfiniwinSG also provides simpler but addictive games for their loyal players. These games are not only for fun, it is also a way for InfiniwinSG to reward their players with great prizes. Slot games, sportsbook, and fortune 4D are just some of these ‘simpler’ games currently available.

Fortune 4D is a very interesting game with very interesting prizes. You will use tickets to roll the 4D numbers on the screen. If the number you get is the lucky number, you will be rewarded based on the 4D result from Sports Toto and other 4D game providers. The prizes breakdown are as below:

    1. 1. First prize - SGD 2,500
    1. 2. Second prize - SGD 1,000
    1. 3. Third prize - SGD 500
    1. 4. Special prize - SGD 200
    1. 5. Consolation prize - SGD 60

At first glance, you may think that the prizes are not that high, if you are a high roller. You will be surprised that the prize is actually for every SGD 1 bet you made. Just imagine the amount of money you will get if you won the first prize with a SGD 2,500 bet!

Every deposit worth SGD 300 will get a free Fortune 4D ticket. However, keep in mind that the Fortune 4D ticket is not transferable and your account will be locked if you violates this rule. Every players in InfiniwinSG is also not allowed to create a second or third account with InfiniwinSG. If you want to get money for you and your family’s long-awaited overseas trip fast, then Fortune 4D is where your destiny awaits!

Aside from Fortune 4D, there are other games that you can play at InfiniwinSG. If you are a new InfiniwinSG player, you can get a lot of rewards and promotions special for new players. Make sure that you do not put these rewards to waste!

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